HCG the metabolic cure

Who invented the Hollywood diet plan?

Decades of his life invested the British physicians Dr. ATW Simeons (1900 up until 1970) in order to discover a therapy for excessive weight – the option he discovered in India. Why, he questioned, there also petite ladies could bring healthy children, although they took no calories?

After considerable researches succeeded Simeon, attributed this effect to a hormonal agent called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is generated during pregnancy in huge quantities in the placenta. It ensures that the body of the pregnant woman is in malnutrition to its fat stores. Simeons on believing just how the hormonal agent could help reduce fattening fat reserves also in non-pregnant women. He discovered to the rare instances of overweight Indian children who could be healed by everyday injection of HCG from her illness: They shed their cravings and also got to typical weight. The HCG diet plan was, well, birthed.

Just how does the Hollywood diet regimen?

The diet regimen is designed as a 4- to eight-week course of treatment. Its concept is basic and similar in the beginning glance other laborious diets: extreme calorie constraint, low-fat diet, a lot of alcohol consumption, a great deal of sports. The important difference: the body is injected over a number of weeks the maternity hormone hcg drops . As part of the diet, the hormone makes certain that fat pads are lowered, which can not be mobilized around via sport. HCG likewise protects against the blood glucose degree drops.

Exactly what is unique regarding the Hollywood diet?

The HCG diet is much better with customers consequences to the hereditary issue locations where neither diets nor various other sporting activities hotel. The elimination achieves success with the HCG diet regimen, the lowered food consumption. The sprayed hormonal agent additionally subdues the sensation of appetite. There will certainly be no food cravings, no fatigue, no depressive state of minds.

The most vital mnemonic

Daily Only 500 calories are supplied, combined with at least two liters of water.


The hormonal agent boosts the burning of fat, is shed without muscles. There are weggeschmurgelt particularly the insidious love handles, which could not be burned by sports and also low-fat diet regimen. On top of that, must be protected against by HCG sensations of powerlessness as well as clinical depression during removal. Essential for runners: It needs to even be possible despite the reduced calorie intake for sports without the efficiency suffers significantly.

Weak points

The HCG diet and slendering by hormonal agents are extremely questionable. Although carriers concur that because growth of this diet plan has no side effects or lasting consequences have actually happened in the fifties. As a matter of fact, there are no clinical researches to. All the same, a HCG diet plan might be executed just under medical supervision.

The extreme malnutrition is not without danger. 500 calories a day representing about one third of the typical demands of ladies. Men typically need concerning 2,000 calories. Feasible adverse effects could be a lack of nutrients and also minerals. Because of the reduced food intake is also a risk, frustrations that especially at the start of the diet.