iMessage for Android –a totally new way to talk for free

image_20160720_143420_1Great news – you can instantly download iMessage for Android on our website and make use of a totally new way to chat and talk with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. This application offers you an alternative approach to communication – instead of paying costly fees to your mobile service provider every new month, you can now transfer all of your calls, messages and even multimedia files via the Internet, which will not cost you a dime. This free app uses your Internet connection (nearest Wi-Fi point, LTE, or 3G) and sends over anything that needs sending. It is particularly useful for getting in touch with those of your contacts who live abroad, or travel a lot.Limitless conversations anywhere

Application gives you a unique chance to enjoy limitless conversations anytime, anywhere. Not only can you chat for free whenever you like, but you can also place a free call any time you need to get in touch with someone. Plus, this application allows you to create group chats and conversations without charging you any additional fees for the feature. Truly, the app does not set any limits on communication!

iMessage Android app: how is it different?

The main difference of this application is that it is totally free of charge during the first year of service. The next year (or years) will cost you, but not much – just 0.99$ for twelve month of impeccable service. Yet, the most important thing that makes this application different from plenty of other online messengers is that iMessage has no hidden costs whatsoever. Every functional feature of the application is totally free of charge – whether it is a group chat, multimedia transfer or a free international call. Plus, of course, it has a truly outstanding call quality without any drop-offs or other glitches.Compatibility with Android and other smartphones

Yet another great feature of the application is that it can be installed on any operational system, platform, or a device. Plainly speaking, it means that you can use this tool for communication even if the person you have to talk to does not have the same device or OS. It even has a desktop version, so it is not at all necessary to install the application on your mobile. In other words, you can call a person from your Android phone, while he/she will talk to you via laptop or desktops computer. Handy, isn’t it?

Why you should download the messenger right now?

There are several reasons to download the application. First of all, it’s very light, which allows it to send messages and heavy multi-media files in a blink of an eye (if you a have a good Internet connection, of course). That is also why the quality of every call is always impeccable. Next, it has a number of nice and user-friendly features, including group calls, automatic integration of contacts, easy notification system, etc. Plus, downloading iMessage for Android is totally free and does not have any hidden charges!?