The iPad as a digital recording studio with GarageBand

Yes, admittedly, the announcement of the third part of my miniseries “The iPad as a digital recording studio” was quite a while back. First, a came -depth review of the WWDC keynote in between, then Pentecost, then as more planned work. But today is the day: I present solemnly the most important tips and tricks that will help you a little while, even more out of the iPad as a recording studio. Well have fun then!

1Before recording: In preparation you should first adjust the number of male clocks that are set by default to eight. This is of course much too short for a Piece. Typing this on the puzzle icon in the upper left corner, tap on “Part A” and set to “Automatic” to. Then you can generate an arbitrarily long recording.

During recording: Once the guitar accompaniment of the first stanza was recorded, you can duplicate this and thus save a lot of recording expenses. For this one must simply tap the track twice, so that the available features pop up. These are “Cut”, “Copy”, “Delete”, “loop”, “Share”. A tap on “Loop”, and the recording exists twice. To make this duplicated recording two, their taps again twice on the soundtrack, tap on “Share”, moves the scissors mark on the material to be divided body and pulls it down. Voilà, now there are two audio snippets that might place her at any stage within the receiver. This concerns the chorus song naturally just.

2Top Tip: To help you hear well while himself, should use their headphones and also set the Master level (the volume control next to the record button) as high as possible. But do not forget, these turn down again while listening to the recording …

After recording: Once the complete recording is in the raw version, it goes to the “puzzle”. You mean that you convert the unfinished piece of music into a finished recording. To this end, it placed the individual sections to the right places, the chorus adds a right and sets the final clip to the end of the recording. This is achieved by the way by tapping the respective section at the edge that colors to yellow, which indicates that it could move him. Oh yes: if as a complete piece of music does not fit the GarageBand screen, you could (contract forefinger and thumb) with the pinch gesture to zoom out.

3In addition, service of your finished piece of music can miss a little reverb and echo. Typing this on the mixer icon in the upper right corner ( “Audio Recorder”) and provides either reverb and delay for each track manually or select one of the preset settings from, that affect the entire recording.

What is missing? Well, unfortunately, the GarageBand for windows version does not fade-in / out effect before, so you can not manipulate the song end. Fits therefore the final clip on well and let finish the song slowly – or decide for an abrupt end, which may indeed have its appeal. The only thing you can do, is trimming the beginning or end of a music clip by their same the front or rear end hold firmly with the finger and left respectively. right moves, which shortens the start or end.

Anything else? If you feel the effort with two separate recording tracks for vocals and guitar too high, there is also a more convenient and easier way. For this you need but a microphone stand on which you mounted the microphone and a guitar strap. If you then namely recording while standing, with a single track. But Make sure that you the microphone accurately placed at the correct height before you, so best larynx height. This gives a good mixture of vocal and instrument volume. But there really helps just a little experiment …