KIK Messenger is also a browser

kik-messengerKIK Messenger, an application to send messages with free? Yes. And no. It is also a web browser. A major update to version 7.0 for iPhone and Android introduces the surprising turn of the competitor WhatsApp Messenger . The slider menu of messaging app you find an address where you can immediately begin browsing and you’ll find recently visited websites. You can share any web page to instantly your chat buddies in IRPA, and that’s just the beginning of the function.

KIK online belongs as instant messaging application does not yet have the big names like WhatsApp, WeChat and Line . But it goes well with the app. Just before Christmas the service welcomed its 100 millionth user. It is mainly young people who use the app and inboard should be given to the built-in browser. The idea is simple: you have one app where you chat with your friends, but in the meantime can read up the entire web and interesting discoveries can instantly share with those friends.

The new browser will replace the IRPA Cards in the application; built-in applications that you could start earlier from the app. Three pieces have remained still maintain – a chat with unknowns program, a word game and a game blocks, but they are presented as web pages that are optimized for KIK.

Since KIK Messenger high mount in. When visiting a ‘normal’ website from KIK, you see a message that the site is not optimized for the chat app. But you can change: KIK you immediately pointing to the Developers section where you briefly explain the steps given how to optimize your web page for the app. It’s not just about readability on mobile phone.

Monetizing site builders

To qualify KIK-site for the title, your site must be able to be one standard page, offline loaded and must contain a plug-in to KIK. In return, the application takes your website in the search index within the app and get access to different possibilities. Thus, sites can even send push notifications through the app. Finally, the chat app gives you insight into visitor statistics and how high you score on the list of KIK sites. KIK finally seems to want to make money at sites that want to be prominently visible in the app.